Primary Election, March 5, 2024

Although Peninsula DSA has not endorsed a candidate or piece of legislation this cycle, we do have several recommendations for the upcoming primary election.

US Senate – Barbara Lee

We recommend Barbara Lee as one of the most progressive members of the US congress. In 2001 she provided the sole congressional vote against the war in Afghanistan, and since has maintained an anti war stance (including pushing for a reduction in Pentagon spending). She has openly called for a ceasefire in Gaza and has co-signed Rep. Cori Bush’s ceasefire congressional resolution. She is pro-choice, has fought for an increase in the federal minimum wage, and is an active member of the Medicare for All caucus.

Proposition 1 – Against

PDSA strongly supports policies that help people get off the streets and provide them the necessary assistance to better their lives, and Prop 1 is not one of them. California saw a 6% increase in homelessness last year, yet Prop 1, which claims to address our housing crisis, only plans to make 6,000 new housing units available. Additionally, Prop 1 does not expand funding for mental health services, but merely reallocates them in favor of conditional support, a system known to drive away those in need. Housing and mental health services are both direly important services we need better funding for on their own. Tying them together while increasing interactions with law enforcement and the carceral system do not help people in need. What we need is Housing First and Medicare 4 All, not more police. Vote No on Prop 1.

CD-15 – No recommendation

Kevin Mullin first won this seat last election against David Canepa, helped by $700k in funding from AIPAC, the seventh-highest total of any House Democrat in 2022 and the highest in California. He does not support a ceasefire, nor is his voting record very progressive. This time, he is running to keep his seat against Anna Cheng Kramer, a Republican with ties to the real estate industry, and who has made the “pledge to the flag” a core plank of her campaign. Allies of the working class are sadly not to be found in this race.

CD-16 – Ahmed Mostafa

Ahmed is the only progressive voice in the field of candidates looking to replace Anna Eshoo, and he has the track record to prove it. He has worked as an equal rights advocate, called for a Ceasefire in Gaza, and fought for women’s rights. In addition, he is calling for Medicare 4 All, affordable housing, a Green New Deal, and more. And we hope his time in office will encourage us to recommend him again.

For more socialist insights and recommendations, please also see California DSA’s statewide voter guide.