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The Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organization in the United States because we’re a member-driven mass organization. We are a political and activist organization, not a party. We believe that working people should run both the economy and civil society, and we show our commitment to this principle by being an organization of, by, and for the working class. If you like Bernie Sanders’s policies–Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, tuition-free college, social housing–DSA is the place to be.

When you join DSA, Peninsula DSA’s Membership co-chairs will reach out to connect you to our local organizing work and invite you to the PDSA Discord server.


Peninsula DSA members are encouraged to attend all events, especially our monthly chapter meetings. If you’re not a Peninsula DSA member yet but would like to attend an event, please contact our Steering Committee.

  • Chapter meetings are usually virtual and held on the third Sunday of the month at 4-6pm.
  • Working groups have their own meeting schedules (see below).
  • Reading group meets at least once a month (see below).
  • Socialist game nights are held every 4-6 weeks (see below).
  • Member socials–like happy hours and BBQs–are held at least once a month.

All our confirmed virtual and in-person events can be found on our event calendar and on the PDSA Discord: #events

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Chapter Meetings

Our monthly chapter meetings are key to coordinating our organizing efforts. We host presentations on socialist topics, hold democratic discussions (and vote!) on chapter priorities, and always share updates from our respective working groups. Most chapter meetings are held virtually on the PDSA Discord: #general.

Working Groups

Peninsula DSA’s working groups organize socialist campaigns and join coalitions around issues that empower the working class. Whether you’re an experienced organizer or new to the movement, you’re welcome to attend any meeting to learn more–and get involved!

Healthcare Justice

Our Healthcare Justice working group continues to organize for Medicare for All. We support the California Nurses Association’s (CNA) universal healthcare campaign, CalCare (AB 1690), by crowd canvassing voters on weekends and approaching local unions about endorsing the bill. We meet virtually every 2-3 weeks on Wednesday at 6pm. Read more here or on the PDSA Discord: #healthcare

Universal Preschool

Our Universal Preschool working group, which spearheaded the Measure DD / Preschool for All South San Francisco ballot measure campaign (2022), continues to organize for universal preschool in San Mateo County. We meet virtually as needed, usually on Tuesday at 7pm. Read more here or on the PDSA Discord: #universal-preschool


Our Ecosocialism working group continues to organize for building energy justice and holding PG&E accountable for its dirty, dangerous, and unreliable fossil-fuel energy. We have run workshops on making DIY air purifiers to protect against wildfire smoke (and airborne pathogens). We meet virtually as needed. Read more here or on the PDSA Discord: #ecosocialism

Reading Group

Our political reading group discusses socialist books and articles democratically chosen by participants. Read more here or on the PDSA Discord: #reading-group

Socialist Game Nights

Defy capitalist productivity by engaging in revolutionary play! Our socialist game nights create space to practice agency and imagine a collective, liberated future through cooperative games. Favorites have included Strike! The Game of Worker Rebellion and Co-opoly (both designed by the worker-owned cooperative TESA Collective). We’re about to demo Bloc by Bloc: Uprising and The Resistance. Our new meetup spot is Game Kastle in Redwood City. Read more at PDSA Discord: play-n-praxis