Since 2016, Peninsula DSA has been organizing throughout San Mateo County to build working class power for the benefit of the 99%.

We are a group of local residents and activists working together—and sometimes also in coalitions—to build a world that puts people and planet before profit. Our member-driven organization is made possible by comrades volunteering their labor, each according to their abilities and their need.

Whethehr you’re interested in organizing your workplace, winning Medicare for All, building ecosocialism, or learning more about socialism in general, Peninsula DSA is the place to be. Learn more and get involved here.

Chapter Leadership

Our Steering Committee (SC) is elected annually by our membership. Two co-chairs work together on tasks related to Agenda (planning and running meetings), Communications (member and external communications), Finance (chapter funds and filings), and Membership (onboarding and engaging members).

  • Agenda: Gina + open seat
  • Communications: Sofia & Spencer
  • Finance: Amanda & Laura
  • Membership: Allison & Chet

Other Bay Area Chapters

Want to get involved in DSA but don’t spend much time on the Peninsula? Another local chapter might work better for you!